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Mr. Tilak Raj Sharma

Mr. Sharma, the Chairman of GCL, believes firmly that the more troubles one faces, the stronger the individual becomes. By facing many challenges and obstacles every day.

Mr. Vishal Bagadia

Mr. Vishal Bagadia is the chairman and director of GCL financial group is a major driving force behind GCL’s vision and commitment and has over a decade of experience in the equity and commodity market.

Mr. Honey Sharma
Managing Director

Mr. Honey Sharma is the director of Ganganagar Commodity Limited and has a vast experience in leading enterprises and firms with varied business interests. He started from a family-owned FMCG.

Mr. Mahesh Bagadia

Mr. Mahesh Bagadia is the director and has a great vision to empower and to lead the group to achieve immense success and great goals. He wants to get every milestone for the company.


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