Mutual Fund Sahi Hai: The best option for investment for everyone!

Kya Mutual Fund Sahi Hai : Mutual Funds Invest

Kya Mutual Fund Sahi Hai? If a person does not want to incur risks but wants to get the benefits of investment, the best alternative is to invest in a top mutual fund. A Mutual Fund is a type of financial investment that pools money to invest in various securities such as bonds, equities, money market instruments, and other assets. The advantages of a mutual fund are long-term.
Understanding Mutual Funds and why is it the best tool of investment for everyone against their savings:

Kya Mutual Fund Sahi Hai?

Equity Funds: This is a solid and suitable stock Mutual Fund; this form of investing is done in stocks of various sizes, such as small-mid or large-cap. This is an investment strategy that seeks out high-quality growth. This stock Mutual Fund is freely accessible. The company researches to determine the optimal investing strategy.

Fixed-income funds focus on investments with a fixed rate of return, such as government bonds and corporate bonds. The goal is to generate interest that will be passed on to the shareholders. These have a higher risk of and higher profit potential.

Index Funds: The index fund investment necessitates investigation and proper research. This type of investing is also prevalent.

Balanced Funds: It is also known as an asset allocation fund due to its characteristic of providing exposure to a variety of hybrid asset classes.

MMF (Money Market Fund): Money market funds are often risk-free investments, such as Treasury Bills, as a safe way to make money. There’s no need to be concerned about losing the principal.

International/global investment: We have no idea whether investing in foreign countries is safe or hazardous. Diversification helps to reduce risk factors; this is a wise investment.

Speciality Funds/ Sector Funds: When comparing mutual funds, speciality funds have shown to be quite popular among other funds. This type of investment believes in diversity but focuses on a single economic sector. It is possible to make a significant profit, but failure is also possible.

ETFs: ETFs (exchange-traded funds) are the most popular type of mutual fund. It also invests in stocks, making it another strong stock Mutual Fund. This can be traded at any moment throughout the trading hours throughout the day. It has minimal fees and all of the tax benefits, and it is more convenient.

Versatility: A mutual fund’s portfolio is broader, and it can mix and match investments to lessen risk. As a result, it aids in profit maximisation; one may easily invest and be risk-free through diversification by investing in mutual funds rather than individual assets.

Why they say ‘Mutual Fund Sahi Hai’ is explained:
Mutual fund Sahi hai…because it has professionals handling your investment portfolios and our experts in team GCL.

We should look for the best mutual fund once we have decided to invest in one. GCL’s mutual funds are perfect or MUTUAL FUNDS SAHI HAI… because they aim to attain their best performance report through daily mutual fund analysis.

They screen the portfolios, and their experienced team manages each one using various techniques, skills, and research to maximise profit. GCL guides customers through the process and makes the information easily accessible to keep track of their returns.

Students, people in their early 30’s or anyone can invest in mutual funds in India.
Here are a few of the best mutual funds for the students & people in their 30’s planning for investments in mutual funds by GCL:
Best mutual funds for students-
1. Axis Bluechip Fund
2. Mirae Asset Large Cap Fund
3. ICICI Prudential Multicap Fund
4. Quant Focused Fund
5. Kotak Multicap Fund
Best mutual funds in your 30’s-
1. Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund
2. Canara Robeco Emerging Equities Fund
3. Axis Mid Cap Fund
4. Kotak Emerging Equity Fund
5. DSP Midcap Fund

(PS- Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks. Please read all the documents carefully before investing)

After deciding to invest in a top mutual fund, one must determine whether he is searching for a long term or short-term target, as the period will provide him with various possibilities. For example, if someone is planning for retirement, equity or a balanced fund may be appropriate, but a liquid fund may suffice if he needs to save aside money.

A monthly income plan or an income fund would be great if you want to have consistent income. Everything you try for the first time makes you nervous and apprehensive, but after seeing the results, you will be surprised at how capable you are. Similarly, everything has a first time, so don’t worry about investing in mutual funds with confidence. For more details, visit our website-


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