GCL REFER AND EARN – Best Earning Program in India

Gcl Refer and Earn

So how has your trading experience been with GCL? Well, you should now be much aware of our ‘Refer & Earn’ program which surely is a perfect solution!

To know more about the program(GCL Refer and Earn), you should visit our website- www.gclbroking.com
The referral program is all about recommending the brand GCL to your friends and other contacts and anyone in your network who is interested in the world of stock markets. Yes! This will fetch new clients to GCL but what’s coming in your basket with this?

So, every time your contact opens an account with GCL, you’ll be awarded with ₹500!! Not just this, but you can also get the brokerage benefit up to 30%!

The referrer should be an existing client of GCL.

The referee should be a new client to GCL. If the referee already has account in GCL and
he/she opens an account in any new segment that will not be eligible for this scheme.
(No existing account in either Equity/ Commodity/ Fx)

Referrers should not be a sales employee or any of their relatives.

Minor accounts will not be eligible for this scheme.

Account opened in Equity/Commodity/Currency will be considered as one account.

The client should pay all account opening charges and there should not be any debit in the client account after account opening.

Commission pay-out will be done on a quarterly basis.

Referee has to mention the client code of referrer at the time of account opening. This cannot
be changed further in any circumstance. i.e., the mapping wouldn’t be allowed for these

Note: Old referrer who wants to migrate themselves to this new referee scheme will be required to get register by signing new referral form.
For more details, login to https://gclbroking.com/refer-earn/ & enjoy the best trading experience along with your friend by opening and referring to GCL.


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