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Meditation, post-dinner walk, and running with the kids

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  • Meditation, post-dinner walk, and running with the kids
    2021-05-18, By: System Administrator

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    The wonders that healthy habits can do for you in your everyday life

    1 I meditate for an hour every morning. With the current pandemic situation, a healthy routine becomes necessary. Meditation every day helps build inner strength and restore a peaceful mindset.

    2 Healthy eating habits can do wonders to your everyday life. Calculate a balanced diet to stay fit.

    3 Reading is a rich habit, and I read for two hours every day, divided between a spiritual book in the morning and business one in the evening.

    4 Staying indoors can be exhausting, especially with the ‘work from home’ regime. Besides playing football or cricket in pre-pandemic days, sometimes just running with my kids helps burn calories.

    5 I take an evening walk for about 45 minutes after dinner. With physical exhaustion reduced to zero these days, you must take a few minutes’ walk after dinner every day. This also lets you have a good night’s sleep.

    Ravi Singhal is Vice-Chairman, GCL Securities

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